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Activated Alumina Balls

Activated Alumina Balls are widely used for removing moisture, purification and other treatments. These balls are highly porous and are one of the forms of aluminum oxide. These balls can work under static as well as dynamic conditions.

Ceramic Balls

Ceramic Balls are perfect to be used at temperatures up to 1725 deg. C (3135 deg. F). These balls are very hard and abrasion resistant. The best thing about our Ceramic Balls is that they can withstand all furnace atmospheres.

Ceramic Fiber Products

We make available different types of Ceramic Fiber Products. Our range includes Ceramic Fiber Blankets, Ceramic Fiber Board, Ceramic Fiber Module and many more. We share glorious credentials in the list of top Manufacturers and Suppliers of Ceramic Fiber Products.

  • Ceramic Fiber Blankets

    Type : Ceramic Fiber Blanket

    Material : Ceramic Fiber

    Pattern : Plain

     Application : Safety Use

    Quality : Best

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    Ceramic Fiber Blankets

  • Ceramic Fiber Board

    Type : Ceramic Fiber Board

    Material : Ceramic, Fiber

    Shape : Rectangular

    Use : Making Writing Boards

    Frame Material : Aluminium

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    Ceramic Fiber Board

  • Ceramic Fiber Module

    Thickness : 150 Mm To 305 Mm

    Pattern : Siliconized

    Max Withstanding Temperature : 1425

    Thickness : 305 Mm

    Material : Ceramic

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    Ceramic Fiber Module

  • Ceramic Fiber Rope

    Type : Ceramic Fiber Rope

    Application : Binding And Pulling

    Pattern : Plain

    Coating : Ceramic

    Features : Excellent quality, Highly elastic

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    Ceramic Fiber Rope

Molecular Sieves

We hold expertise in providing our buyers an effective range of Molecular Sieves that is comprehensively used to produce nitrogen gas through Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA). It is due to the in-depth knowledge of our chemical engineers that we are capable in giving Molecular Sieve that result in high purity of nitrogen.

  • 3A Molecular Sieve

    We offer molecular sieves 3a as per customers specification available in spherical beads, pellets and powder form.

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    3A Molecular Sieve

  • Catalyst Molecular Sieves

    Shape : Pallet

    Features : Excellent quality, Highly elastic

    Quality : Best

    Type : Adsorbent

    Size : 3-5 mm

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    Catalyst Molecular Sieves

  • Chemical Molecular Sieves

    Features : Catalyst carrier, Absorber of gases, Optimum quality

    Shape : (pore dia. = 4ao)

    Size : 3mm -Pellets

    Diameter Balls : 2-4mm

    Quality : Best

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    Chemical Molecular Sieves

  • Desiccant Molecular Sieves

    Physical State : solid

    Purity : 100%

    Shape : Pellet/Sphere

    Type : Adsorbent

    Quality : Best

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    Desiccant Molecular Sieves

  • Synthetic Molecular Sieves

    Features : High quality, Used for separation of gases

    Appearnace : Sphere/beads

    Pack Type : Ms Drum Pack,Carton, Hdpe Bag

    Application : Solvent Drying, Purifying Of Hydrogen, Drying Of Liquid Hydrocarbons

    Size : 0.5-2mm

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    Synthetic Molecular Sieves

  • Zeolite Molecular Sieves

    Features : Catalyst carrier, Absorber of gases,

    Shape: : (pore dia. = 4ao)

    Size: : 3mm -Pellets

    Diameter Balls : 2-4mm

    Bed crushing strength,% : 90min

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    Zeolite Molecular Sieves

Silica Gel

We let our buyers lay their hands on our extensive assortment of Silica Gel that includes Blue Silica Gel, Cat Litter Grade Silica Gel and White Silica Gel. Prepared making use of impregnating White Silica gel with Cobalt Chloride, our Gel has the ability to absorb water that causes mold or moisture damage.

  • Mixed Silica Gel

    This contains while Silica Gel mixed with indicator. The blue grains turn pink on absorption of moisture. Bulk Density Three Grades Light : 400 to 500 gms/ltr. Medium : 500 to 600 gms / ltr. heavy : 600 to 800 gms / ltr. Packing : As Per Customers Requirement.

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    Mixed Silica Gel

  • Indicating Blue Silica Gel
    We are offering Indicating type Silica gel & blue.

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    Indicating Blue Silica Gel

  • Blue Silica Gel

    Type : Blue Silica Gel

    Purity : 99%

    Form : Gel

    Packaging Type : HDPE Bag, Packet, PP Bag

    Features : Pure in composition, Blue in color, Stabilized pH of gel

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    Blue Silica Gel

  • Cat Litter Grade Silica Gel

    Type : Silica Gel

    Material : Natural Quartz

    Purity : 99%

    Form : Gel

    Packaging Type : HDPE Bag, Packet

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    Cat Litter Grade Silica Gel

  • White Silica Gel

    Purity : 99%

    Form : Gel

    Packaging Type : HDPE Bag, Packet, PP Bag

    Features : White in color, Wide usage, Stabilized pH of gel

    Quality : Best

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    White Silica Gel

Other Products

  • Silica Gel Bags

    Type : Gel Pack

    Pattern : Printed

    Features : Pure in composition, Available in various packaging, Stabilized pH of gel

    Usage : agricultural, pharmaceutical, aviation, and cosmetic industries

    Quality : Best

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    Silica Gel Bags

  • Colloidal Silica

    Type : Colloidal Silica

    Application : Ceramic Industry, Concreting, Slabbing, Triple Blend With Fly, Ceramics

    Color : Transparent

    Purity : 99.8%

    Condition : Liquid

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    Colloidal Silica

  • Silica Sol Casting
    We are backed by a team of quality controllers who make sure that the offered lot is in complete conformity with the quality standards. The raw material used for the wide array of products we deliver are quality checked and are completely certified by the professionals. For the utmost client

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    Silica Sol Casting

  • Ceramic Fiber Bulk
    To make sure supreme quality retaining, we bundle our goods in high-grade packaging supplies that can endure mechanical damages and logistical jostling. Moreover, they are branded to provide product details. Being a quality-conscious firm, we are offering nothing short of the best quality products

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    Ceramic Fiber Bulk

  • Inert Ceramic Balls
    The range is 100% quality checked and you can rest assured us for the same. We along with our quality auditors make certain that even the raw material used go through varied stages of checking. We are staffed with diligent packaging staff and they ensure that the packaging is designed to make

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    Inert Ceramic Balls